About Cranlana

Our leaders must aspire to more than just excellence.

That’s the thinking that created the Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening wise and courageous leadership.

We draw on more than two millennia of philosophical thinking to foster in-depth, practical discussions that sharpen critical reasoning and strengthen moral courage. Since our formation more than 25 years ago, we’ve seen thousands of senior-level people across business, community and government benefit from our rigorous programs.

Leadership requires courage. By understanding the fundamental philosophies that underpin our society, today’s leaders can learn to critically examine the ethical impact of their actions – so they can help build a better society together.

Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership is Monash University, The Myer Foundation and Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation working in partnership.


We offer a variety of leadership programs, covering different topics, sectors and levels of immersion.

The Colloquium

This intensive, six-day ethics program is tailored for senior-level leaders looking to hone their cr...

Vincent Fairfax Fellowship

“Let us remember that the power and wealth of a democracy is measured not only by the number and qua...

Executive Ethics

Featuring in-depth discussions on key philosophical frameworks and practical skill development aroun...

Graduate Programs

Cranlana has delivered customised ethics programs for Graduates for more than a decade. Our partners...

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Cranlana Alumni, Jim Betts and Natalie James, appointed new Department Secretaries of Australia

2 June 2022

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30 May 2022

Cranlana Alumnus, Professor Glyn Davis AC, appointed new Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

18 May 2022

Why ethical considerations are crucial to legal compliance



Over more than two decades, thousands of senior-level Australian leaders have taken part in our ethical leadership programs, sharpening their critical thinking and honing their ethical decision-making skills.


Cranlana Centre brings more than a half-century of combined leadership experience to bear in cultivating an ethical focus among Australia’s leaders.